So What If She’s Strong-Willed!

There is a parenting movement recently, especially among those of us mamas of “Wild Ones” entitled “Parenting the Strong Willed Child”. For those of us with strong willed children, we are grasping at anything possible to explain away the behavior of our children and not take the blame ourselves.  I mean, after those few trying years […]


So, I haven’t written in a while (I know your lives have felt overwhelmingly empty!), and I am going to try to explain myself. But,  don’t expect any major words of wisdom today, I have to get back in the swing of things. Man, I  didn’t realize how much I missed my little blog until […]

Easy Dinner = Happy Mom

I have never been a good cook, let alone a “foodie”. Nor would anyone call me “Susie Homemaker”. But, tonight I hit it out of the park with dinner! And it was so easy, that I just had to share my success…you know, to help the less fortunate in the kitchen…like me! So, what was […]

Special Education Awareness Week???

Have you seen this Facebook post circulating?  Well, I have…but I have radar for anything that says ADHD, since The Wild One(and in turn, our family) is affected by this.  What really got my attention today, was that I have seen this post multiple times over multiple weeks…so I thought..hmmm, what gives? Turns out it […]