Meet The Hoffman’s

THE MOM: That’s me, Jennifer! I am the mastermind behind the blog, the mom behind the kids, and the wife behind
the man! As a full time working mom with a teenager and a daughter with ADHD, my life is anything but calm! Throw in a husband who works nights and doesn’t get to be home too much, and there is plenty of material for a blog!

THE HUSBAND: My husband since 1996, Jamie is a hard working man who does all he can to provide a great life for me and our children. Even though he sounds like a saint, he gives me plenty of moments of grief that I don’t mind sharing with the world!

THE TEENAGER: Nathan came in to our lives as nothing but a blessing. Quiet and brooding, as most teenagers are, I have to constantly force a conversation out of him. Although he is quiet, there are plenty of times that my glass of wine has his name all over it!

THE WILD ONE: While The Teenager lacks in conversation skills, The Wild One takes up the slack! Allison has not stopped since the moment she was born! Recently diagnosed with ADHD, we are coping with keeping her happy, healthy, and able to be the wonderfully independent and flamboyant girl that she is….while attempting to keep our own sanity.


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