If you Want to Make Soup On Sundays (A Cautionary Tale)

If you want to make soup on Sundays,
you’ll need to get your thawed ground beef from the fridge.
But in the fridge you will notice last night’s leftovers sitting
out on a plate (thanks hubby).

So, you will look for a Tupperware container
to hold the leftovers, but won’t be able to find a lid,
So, you’ll empty out your entire cabinet and start matching up
every container and lid.
Then, you’ll look in the dishwasher to see if there are any stragglers
And realize that you forgot to start the dishwasher last night.

So, after cramming the last glass possible in the dishwasher
before starting the cycle,
You realize by looking at the glasses, that you are thirsty.
So, you’ll pour yourself a glass of tea, emptying the pitcher.
When you are setting up the Iced Tea Pitcher to make another
gallon of tea, you spill some sugar on the floor.

Then, you pull our the broom to sweep it up and realize
that you should just sweep the whole kitchen and living room now.
Since you hate to sweep without Swiffering after, you will
pull that out to finish off the job.

When putting the Swiffer away, your cat gets through the door
to the basement.
When you chase him down the stairs you notice the washing machine
is empty, so you throw in a load of clothes.
When you come back up the stairs, you look straight at the fridge
and remember your ground beef for soup.

So, you open the door only to realize that you didn’t put it in the
fridge to thaw overnight.
No soup this Sunday.

Empty Soup Bowl


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