Parenting: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Well, friends, I think that I have come up with the title for my book….yes, one day I WILL write a book….unless my kids kill me in the near future, which is highly likely. So, are you ready?  The title will be:

“Mom, You’re Like A Boogey In My Nose…and Other Compliments From My Kids”

Because, yes, that was actually something that The Wild One told me one day. Out of the blue, with her most serious face, she says…”Mom, you’re like a boogey in my nose, always hanging around.” How do you answer that? Because I didn’t…just stared at her with an amused, questioning look. And the best part….no follow up! She just went back to coloring like it was just another conversation that she had lost interest in.

Now, as parents we hear some pretty crazy sh*t…and this is just one thing in the line of many crazy things The Wild One has said(many should not be repeated in mixed company), but I must say that this is one of the most amusing. So, in the art of research for my “book”, I would love to know some crazy stuff your kids have told you, or that you have heard them say. Isn’t it just the best, when they don’t know you are listening! Oh my gosh, the things that come out of their mouths.

So, the lesson for the day is for anyone who has not had children yet.  Always carry a notebook because you never know when it will get real…..and make sure that you have a sense of humor, because having kids is nuts!

So, what has your child said that just cracked you up? Or left you silently wondering if you should call Social Services on yourself (those are the best!).


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