So, I haven’t written in a while (I know your lives have felt overwhelmingly empty!), and I am going to try to explain myself. But,  don’t expect any major words of wisdom today, I have to get back in the swing of things. Man, I  didn’t realize how much I missed my little blog until I sat down tonight to write….wow, the ideas are rolling – so you may get sick of my little “not so simple life” tales before long!
You will first notice that my format is back to the original blog…although don’t get too comfortable,  when I have some time, I desperately need to pretty this thing up. I had started my website and was working on that…but that became pressure in and of itself! I mean, sometimes I have to really think about what to write, but with having to worry about Web design, hosting,  and all of the extra stuff,  I was so bogged down in the technical side of the blog that I wasn’t able to just sit down and write…so I shut it down (I keep telling myself that it’s only temporary). My only regret is that I lost all of my posts from the site..but I guess I can live with that. And who knows, they might all be there when I reactivate it-see, the technical side is not my strong suit!
So, on with the story…..when we last left off, I was leaving my full time job to be a SAHM (that’s stay at home mom for all of you non homebody’s). My schedule was chaotic and The Wild One wasn’t coping with life very well…which meant that I was coping with life very well! It was fine…for about a week! Then I looked for ways to be a WAHM (work at home mom-no, really, I’m not making this crap up – it’s a real thing). I worked about 2 days a week for a great family that have two small businesses.  And it was nice. ..for about 2 weeks. Then, the kiddos went back to school- and the shit hit the proverbial fan! I was nuts! I am not wired to be an “at home ” anything! I Love Working! I like being around people and having goals and ambitions that are career related.  I have mentioned this to some SAHM’S and have gotten the stink eye! Mom’s who love being home with their kids and taking care of the house have a tough time understanding why any woman would choose work over family.  But that’s just it – I am not choosing work over family…I am choosing sanity over drooling in my cheerios! So-yes, I went back to work! I had the luxury of choosing where I work and not settling for any job- and this us where I really lucked out! I found a phenomenal company with a huge core of values that are totally in line with mine. The company was built on the basis of faith and is amazingly successful – shoot, they’ve been voted “Best place to work” in the state for multiple years!! So, yes, I am happily back to work.
And, yes…this is just the beginning….again!
But please don’t worry – even though The Wild One has been amazing -she still has the best stories! And you will never believe this, but The Teenager has turned into a jock! Stay tuned for the successes,  failures, and total craziness of the “Not So Simple Life”…


One thought on “SAHM..WAHM..WTF?

  1. I did NOT give you the stink eye 😉 I’m honestly glad everything is working out to what the Fam needs but I’m MOST excited about the newest jock of the family!!! The wild one may be about sport in herself but I am so super proud of Bug…a.k.a. Skinny. …a.k.a. The teenager …. a.k.a. Nathan!!!! God is good ALL THE TIME!!!! ALL THE TIME God is good!!! Love you all working jock wild ones!!!

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