Easy Dinner = Happy Mom

I have never been a good cook, let alone a “foodie”. Nor would anyone call me “Susie Homemaker”. But, tonight I hit it out of the park with dinner! And it was so easy, that I just had to share my success…you know, to help the less fortunate in the kitchen…like me! So, what was it that made me a happy mom and actually had my kids EATING their dinner????   CORN DOG MUFFINS! Now all of you moms out there who are Pinterest addicts like myself, you may have seen these. And for all of you moms out there who really ARE great chefs and wonderful homemakers, please don’t shake your head at my minor success….I mean, THE TEENAGER actually ate dinner tonight! This is HUGE!

My kiddos love corn dogs, so I pinned this a long time ago and thought it would end up in the black hole of pins that I call my Pinterest board. But I pulled it out tonight when I found some hot dogs in the freezer that I had completely forgot about, and truthfully, just didn’t feel like cooking dinner! So, very simply, here is the recipe…

Mix up a batch of cornbread mix(I used a premix pack that you just add an egg and milk!)

Cut a hot dog into three pieces

Pour muffin mix into baking cups

Place hot dog piece in the muffin mix



Wa La!

Now, based on my “recipe”, you now understand why I will never be a food blogger! But, I have to tell you, they took 10 minutes. I threw a salad together and my kids were stoked! They both ate dinner and didn’t fuss at all! Clean up was easy and dinner was done.(I even caught The Teenager sneaking a leftover one when he came downstairs after his shower!!) And he was very impressed that I didn’t burn them…not even a little!

Check out the actual recipe that I pinned here. Check out some of my other quick and easy meals while you are there! Now, before I wrap up, I couldn’t resist sharing this picture…..I was teasing my dog, Scooter, with the muffins and her inner zombie came out!



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