Special Education Awareness Week???

ImageHave you seen this Facebook post circulating?  Well, I have…but I have radar for anything that says ADHD, since The Wild One(and in turn, our family) is affected by this.  What really got my attention today, was that I have seen this post multiple times over multiple weeks…so I thought..hmmm, what gives? Turns out it is not actually Special Education Week & Autism and ADHD awareness month right now….ADHD awareness is in October, Autism is April, and Special Education week is March(I think…that one was harder to find) I found this out when I Googled it to find out why I felt like I had seen this post for way longer than one week.

Disturbingly, I ran across this Hoax-Slayer site that gave the explanation that it is, in fact, false. It says, and I quote “There are Autism and ADHD months, but they do not generally occur at the same time. Posting this foolish and misleading message is counterproductive. It is certainly not an effective way of raising awareness of special education requirements or of the needs of children with Autism or ADHD.” Now, while it is factual that this is not Special Education Week, I strongly disagree with the fact that it is “foolish” and “counterproductive” to share this post on your Facebook page! Facebook is social media, so it is well, social! And every time someone posts this and I see it, I think how nice it was for them to post this and wonder if they are affected somehow by ADHD, as is our family.

Being a parent to a child with ADHD is very lonely at times.  A lot of people feel the right to judge.  They judge you because your child is not behaving, that they can’t control themselves, they speak out of turn, etc. and of course it is all your fault, as the parent.  But then when you seek help, therapy twice a month in our case, or turn to others for a listening ear – you hear that you are overreacting. ADHD isn’t life threatening, so why do you talk about it so much? Why does it affect you so much? Why are you running to doctors and therapists? ALL THEY NEED IS DISCIPLINE! Then there is the whole “to medicate” or “not to medicate” debate where EVERYONE has an opinion and is not afraid to tell you. I guess because ADHD is not a visible or life threatening disorder, people feel like they are more justified to give you their opinion(judgement!).  And what is worse is that most children with ADHD also have other issues(rage in The Wild One). And quite frankly, all of this leaves parents of these children exhausted and alone, afraid to bring it up or talk about it for fear of judgement.

So, in a nutshell…..continue to post and share these ADHD awareness pictures, whether it is really ADHD month or not. Because, every time one is posted, there will be a mother out there who feels your camaraderie and feels a little less alone in the fight.


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