Oh, Phil!

I have held my tongue(or typing fingers) for a few days on this one. My beloved Robertson family is under attack. Granted, Phil may have brought this one on himself, but they are under attack nonetheless. As is Free Speech, Christianity, the gay community….the list goes on! I have been torn on this one because I adore the Robertson family and their ability to bring religion to the forefront BUT I also am a proud, outspoken supporter of the gay community and equal rights. Then it hit me, while baking cookies(yes, I even overthink while I am baking!). I don’t have to choose a “side”….isn’t that what this entire controversy is about anyway? Judgement. If anyone who watches Duck Dynasty, or follows the Robertson family didn’t think that this was what Phil Robertson believes than I have to ask if you pay attention at all! Phil has never been quiet about his beliefs and the fact that he is a traditional, southern, redneck Christian….and his belief on homosexuality is right in line with that. I personally don’t share the same belief as he, and…gasp!….I am Christian too! Shocking that two people could interpret something differently, right?!? I recently read an article, that I wish I had kept so that I could quote and give author credit, but, anyway- the author made the point that they believed homosexuality is a “test” from God, not the act of, but the judgement of. We are put on this earth to love, not judge. If you believe that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made…then who do you believe “made” people gay? Well….God…..duh!
So, while I won’t take a “side” on this, I will say that while Phil’s comments may have been crude( I mean, did you have to bring in vagina and anus, Phil!), they are his beliefs-controversial as they are. But what his family has done to bring the discussion of faith and Christianity to the mainstream throughout the course of their careers, well-I can’t see anything controversial about that!


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