Yes, it has been a while. It’s not like I haven’t had plenty to say, trust me, I have. But, every time I sat down to write, something just came up…like a nap, or a snack…you know how it is!  It took my mom asking me today, when I was going to write again to get me back in the game.  Pretty sad, huh, almost 40 years old and still need my mom to kick me in the butt sometimes to get me back on track! Thanks, Mom! Really, I just feel bad for her….she said that I needed to write something new because she has read my last post a million times. She doesn’t know much about email, RSS feeds(I totally lost her with that one!), or anything techie…so she logs onto WordPress every day to see what I have written.  I have yet to tell her about all of the other bloggers out there that she could be reading….baby steps.

So, on with the show…..I have had an idea for a blog post for a while, but as noted earlier, the naps got in the way.  Now, usually when I think I have an idea about something I want to write about, I forget it, literally. I am usually wandering around for a few days trying to remember the great idea I had, but finally chalk it up to a casualty of the “mommy brain”.  But this one has been rattling around for a while, mainly because every day I keep getting more proof that it is something I need to say.  A few weeks ago, I read this blog post that was circulating on Facebook that seemed to be pretty popular.  It had been shared by some friends, so I though that I should absolutely read it….Well, I did, but then I got ticked off!  It was a blog from a mom who claimed that she was not putting her kids at the center of her universe.  The title was meant to be provocative, but it was the content that got me.  She went on to talk about kids who are the center of their parents universe are never taught how to take care of themselves and grow up with this entitlement complex.  This just got me going, I mean who is this woman to say that just because a parent makes their children the center of their universe means that they are  not being taught how to take care of themselves, to earn what they get, or basically teach them the lessons of life. It was just another generalization about parents meant to boost her blog ratings, I guess.  This is what I call “Accusatory Parenting”.  It is very reminiscent of the working mom/stay at home mom debacle.  You know…”I am a working mom, so stay at home moms are wrong” or “I decided to stay home with my kids, so you working moms don’t care enough about your kids”….I mean, haven’t we gotten past all of this crap yet?!? So, you don’t want to put the sole focus of your life on your kids? Fine. Just don’t tell other moms that because they do, they are wrong!  Parenting is a crap shoot at best! We are all doing the best we can.  We recently had a new member join our team at work. I heard that she home schooled her children, and since we have considered that as an option for The Wild One, I wanted to pick her brain. She ended up being a wealth of information, and so willing to help…but I felt bad that, at first, she said that she usually doesn’t talk too much about it, because people are so judgmental and outspoken when they don’t “believe” in homeschooling.  Why should I be made to feel bad, or wrong, if I choose to make my kids the center of my universe, homeschool my kids, work or stay at home? It has just made me realize, even more, why my co-worker doesn’t open conversations with the fact that she homeschools her kids. Someone is always there to tell you that you are wrong.  Men don’t seem to have these issues…I recently joked with my husband about his Facebook page, prompting him to read through his timeline because it is a long list of one line, no punctuation, bad spelling and grammar devoted to the fact that the Broncos are winning, the Ravens are losing, or that he just needs a beer. Ah, such a simple existence! I suddenly am reminded of an old redneck saying that used to make me mad….”Women, you can’t live with ’em, and you can’t shoot ’em!”


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