Yes, Wild One there is a Santa Claus!

Those darn 2nd grade vagrants have struck again! The Wild One came home from school the other day claiming that one of her friends at school told her that there is no Santa Claus.  My initial reaction was to be slightly perturbed…oh who am I kidding… I was silently working out a plan to find the kid, hang them from the monkey bars, and well, maybe the rest of my plan shouldn’t be put into writing in case there are any future incidents.  While I was silently plotting the child’s death, I mean discomfort, the Wild One finished her story.  In case you were wondering, there is no reason to worry about my girl. She basically said that this kid is so “stupid”.  She said that she was told that it was really mom and dad that leave the presents, not Santa. “So, here it comes” I thought. “The question”. Am I going to lie? Am I going to come out with it? But, this IS The Wild One we are talking about. Never does she do what is expected. Instead of asking “the question”, she said, and I quote, “what kind of person believes something dumb like that!” Shew…off the hook!
This would be the end of the story, for any normal person, but I am not normal by any stretch of the imagination.  I started wondering why this question bothered me so much. With The Teenager, I remeyoda-logomber being relieved when the Santa jig was up.  It was nice not to have to sneak around, worry about what we said around him, and let’s face it, I was tired of this fake Big Guy getting all the credit!  But, with The Wild One, I was shaking in my boots.  So, as I do, I analyzed the situation.  Why did it bother me so much to find out that Santa IS mom and dad?  She isn’t any younger than The Teenager when he found out.  Yet, bother me, it did.(like that little Yoda like sentence there-it just came out that way!) Is it because she isn’t all that innocent about a lot of things? She has never been a “little girl” in the normal sense. She has always been a little more brash, a little more curious about the world, never settling for the “just because” answer for any question.  I kind of felt like, if this little secret came out, that there was nothing left to her childhood. Now, I know that is a little dramatic….but dramatic, I am(Yoda, again!) With all that I deal with for The Wild One, she is still my little girl.  She still has a lot of little girl things left to do. We butt heads, scream at each other, and sometimes just plain don’t get along, but I can’t imagine the day when she is all grown up and heading off on her own…….although there are those days when that sounds like the greatest moment ever!!


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