When someone asks you what you “do”? What is your answer? Is it your career, your hobby…..how about “MOM”?  Very few of us, myself included, answer this question with “mother and wife” before anything else. Yet when asked what is the most important things in our life, we always answer with family.  So many times, the answer “mom” makes us feel unimportant somehow. Like, if that is ALL I am, I am not as important as someone else.  Well, that’s just crap! And we all know it deep down, but why don’t we say it with proudness.  I think it lies in the whole working mom, stay at home debate….but I am going to leave that for another blog! I am a working mom, but don’t feel any ill will to those moms who don’t work outside the home. I, instead would like to applaud them for being able to keep your priorities where they should be…..with your family!  It gets hard as a working mom, to remember that our families are the most important thing in our lives…we occasionally need our priorities adjusted.  But even though, we never forget our families and will always say they are the most important thing in our lives, sometimes it is hard to say that we are “moms” before anything else.  (I think it is because of pressure from other working moms! – can we give ourselves a break ladies!)
So, I decided to make a career name for being a mom. M.O.M. (Manager of Mayhem)  I think this title rings true whether you work outside the home or not.  As M.O.M.s we manage house, the kids, and yes, the husbands(we all know that they would not survive without us – I mean they can’t find the socks sitting right in front of them) There is PTA, scouts, dance, swim, dishes, laundry, discipline, school, work….it is never ending. And, if you have been in my house for any length of time….pure Mayhem!

So, the next time someone asks you “what do you do?” Proudly answer with, “I am a M.O.M.!”



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