I Have Done it to myself…..Again!

Well, it’s first day of school for The Hoffman Family and I have done it to myself…..again. You know what I mean, it’s kind of like the New Year’s resolution thing. “This year, I am going to be organized.” Last night I picked out all of The Wild One’s clothes for the week(she had to approve, of course!). I pre packed her lunches for the whole week. THEN, I got up an hour early this morning, went for a 20 minute walk before I had to get the kids up and ready for school.  While I am feeling pretty accomplished today, I don’t expect this to last past this week. You know, the whole “did it to myself again” thing. I start every school year with this expectation…but I did go to the next step this year and actually got the clothes ready and lunches done…usually I just plan to do those things. Hence the feeling of accomplishment.
The Teenager decided to ride the bus today instead of having me drive him to school(YAY!), so I was able to gently rouse The Wild One for her first day.  So, all in all it went really well! Both kids off to school, I got some errands done, and got home in plenty of time to get a workout, then……oh, crap! I completely forgot to get a “first day of school” picture of The Teenager! I guess some people are just never meant to be perfect!!

Check out the perfect shot of The Wild One on her first day of 2nd grade!


What are some of your funny Back to School moments?  I would love to know that I am not the only mom with parenting issues!!



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