She is making her bed…so I can lie in It!

I have been threatening The Wild One that I was going to take all of her toys away. She is so spoiled(yes, my fault), we can’t go into a store without her throwing a monumental tantrum when I don’t buy her something. Then, there is the whole behavior thing…she is monstrous at times! We end up fighting, yelling, screaming, cursing(sometimes it’s her), hitting, it is crazy! So, I decided that tonight is the night for change. I have read, read, read, and read about how to simplify our lives, get along better, and just show our love to one another.  There are some really great blogs from moms who have been where I am. I made the decision to let her make her own bed, so to speak.  No more yelling or fighting….When I agreed to let her go outside and play with her neighbor friend, I made it very clear that she had to come in at 6:30pm.  I made her repeat it to me and explain to me what behavior would be tolerated at that time. She got it…so, I thought.  I called her at 6:30, and of course, she wasn’t ready. I explained, calmly, that she needed to come in now so that she could play tomorrow. 12 times and 20 minutes later, she came in! And when she did, I calmly told her that she would not be allowed to play tomorrow because she didn’t listen to me the first time.  Her response….”oh well, I can do what I want when I want!” This is what I deal with!! So, while she is outside playing, I decided that tonight is the night to put away all of her toys. She is allowed to have 2 baby dolls and 2 Barbie dolls…that’s it! Well, except for her books, of course.  I pack all of her toys up and put them in our storage closet. Her response….”Cool, now I won’t have to clean my room anymore”

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t drink more than I do! I need to know that I will survive her teenage years because right now, just thinking that she will make it to age 8 is stretch!  Oh well….I guess that is one of the reasons I love her so darn much….she makes my life interesting! 

So, stay tuned for the next few weeks, to see how we fare after she realizes that she really doesn’t get her toys! It should make for great stories!


2 thoughts on “She is making her bed…so I can lie in It!

    • Oh how Greg and I can relate to this! Times 2! Can’t wait to hear the “to be continued part”…I’m taking notes

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