Fat and Happy….Yeah Right!

I drank my first Diet Pepsi tonight in 7 whole days! Now, if anyone knows me, you know that Diet Pepsi is my vice…I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink(ok, that one’s a lie, but you get my drift!)…I just drink Diet Pepsi by the gallon.  Last week, I decided that it is now time to finally lose weight! So, I gave up my Diet Pepsi, chocolate, and all kinds of other junk…you know, the good stuff.  For one whole week, I have cut calories, eaten very healthy, avoided sodas, and even exercised…TWICE! Now, I know that you are waiting for me to say that it wasn’t worth it, I haven’t lost any weight, yada yada yada. But no, I haven’t weighed myself at all. I actually feel okay. And that one Diet Pepsi tonight didn’t even taste that good. I would have been okay with water.  This may not seem so monumental, but trust me, it’s huge!
I started to think about why this time it might work, when so many attempts at losing weight have failed miserably.  Then it hit me…because this time I am being honest with myself.  I am not trying to lose weight to be healthy, get fit, or because it’s good for me. Nope. I am just tired of being fat! I want to be skinny again. That’s it. I got rid of all of the crap associated with my reasons for losing weight and just got honest. I liked being skinny! Call it vein, call it bad role modeling, whatever, I don’t care. All I know is that it is working this time and I don’t care what you call it! So, stay tuned for what will hopefully be weight loss update(really I don’t care about pounds, it’s dress sizes that motivate me!) and probably a lot of honesty when it comes to the process! Trust me, the words used will not be or the feint of heart! 


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