Conversation with The Teenager


I had the best “conversation” with The Teenager tonight. “Conversation” for those of you who don’t have teenagers consists of talking that extends more than one word, since most talks don’t progress past the grunting stage! Since working with The Wild One’s ADHD and getting her some structure, I have had the passing thought that maybe being a stay at home mom would be the best thing for the kids. I always ask The Teenager’s opinion because he is so much like me…he won’t say anything about how he feels, but if you ask him, he will give you the truth. So, this conversation made me not only happy with my status as a working mom…but so tickled with my son!


Me: Nathan, how would you feel if I was a stay at home mom?

Nathan: Huh?

Me: You know, do you think it would be best if I was home more and available more?


Nathan: But you love your job, mom!

Me: Yes, I do, but I always want to do what’s best for you guys. So, what do you think?

Nathan: Nah, mom, we’re good. ….and I like that you make money.

Spoken like a true teenager!

What are those things that your kids have told you that make you realize that you actually are doing a good job as their mother?


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