Family Vacation

For the purpose of this blog, the following definitions apply:
Mom – Me
The Husband – Jamie, my husband of 17 years. I love him completely, except when I want smother him with his pillow
The Teenager – My wonderfully sullen 13 year old, Nathan, who I just found out hates us
The Wild One – My 7 year old Allison who has never met a stranger, or a situation she can’t whine about

So, we are on day 3 of our family beach vacation in Ocean City, MD. I love the beach, and since we really haven’t taken a vacation in years, am loving it even more from my condo a block from the sand and surf. It all started with the packing. We have had plenty of time but somehow Mom ends up packing for everyone. Clothes,sheets, towels, food,everything. Man I miss the minivan! As I am cramming everything into this trunk, it amazes me how much stuff we have to take! I am excited that we at least have a washer and dryer in the condo so I can bring home clean clothes AND the fact that The Teenager has to leave for camp the day after we arrive home from the beach, it will save me a lot of work. About 1/2 hour before we have to leave to take the dog to the kennel for the week, The Husband decides to come into the kitchen and say, “Can you help me pack?” Really, 1/2 hour before we leave! To which I reply that he is already packed and everything is in the car. I may have thrown in a few “special” words but you don’t need to know everything!
The Teenager has decided that he no longer wants to be seen with his parents…I like to think its just The Husband that is embarrassing to the teenage ego but wouldn’t bet any amount of money on it. The Wild One has not stopped talking for three days and has begged for every tacky trinket that can be bought!
Today, was a pretty good day though, The Wild One made a friend at the beach and Mom was given a reprieve from making sand castles- The Teenager actually seems to be warming up to us and has even smiled a little! The Husband is kind of growing on me…I wasn’t sure how we would make it after a full week together. I am really enjoying myself, I would quite call it relaxing, but enjoyable….oh yeah, the washer in the condo is out of order! Couldn’t work out JUST right!


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