Scaling Back…

I’m going through a “stage”! I’m pretty sure that all of us Living the Minivan Dream go through this stage…you know the one – needing to de-stress, simplify, and get back to basics! I am having an overwhelming urge to move to a big piece of property in the middle of nowhere, grow my own food, and even get rid of the electricity! Although it wouldn’t take long to realize that I kill everything that I have ever planted, my kids would never speak to me again without a TV, and I’m sure that someone would commit me to a psychiatric facility – I really am sure of one thing, the Hoffman’s are in need of simplification.  Our daughter is SUPER ADHD but can’t take meds(I’m pretty sure I need them though), our son is in a complete depression because we won’t buy him a $1300 laptop, and I haven’t seen my husband for a few days(and not because we chose it, with our schedules we haven’t been in the same room for about 4 days). So, as I always do, I have internalized all of this and came to one conclusion…I am to blame! Now, don’t go crazy with the pity, I  know it isn’t all my fault but this is how my brain works – everything must be my fault right?!? So, then I have to go into single minded “fix it” mode. I have researched, stressed, made plans(and of course, lists) until all of the talk of simplification has become hard work, nothing simple about it. I have weighed options like homeschooling the kids, clearing out their bedrooms, working from home or not working at all(I might finally be able to lose weight this way because we wouldn’t be able to eat well, but these are desperate times), and list after list after list after list(you get it) of different solutions. So, here is where I need some help….how do you keep your family unit together, live simply, happily, and keep balance? I feel my balance is, well, lopsided!


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