Happy? Birthday

Well, I have sent in my guest blog to Ironic Mom…it should be posted next week on her Whiteboard Wednesday segment. Now, it is not a big deal…she advertised for guest bloggers, I sent in my info, and wa-la, I’m in! But, it feels very cool to be able to say…”Oh yea, I’m a blogger. I just guest blogged for a woman while she was out on her book tour.” How corny, but how cool(yes, I know, I need to get out more!) But I love this blogger’s title…Ironic Mom. It got me thinking more about the irony of motherhood.  You know, all those things we swore we would not do as moms…but alas, not only do we do them…we happily do them!

BM(before motherhood, yes there is a reason the abbreviation is also the same as #2!) “I will never use TV as a babysitter”

AM: “Isn’t there a Max & Ruby marathon on or something!”

BM: “I will never strike my child”

AM: “I don’t spank my kids, because I am afraid that once I start,  I won’t be able to stop”

BM: “My husband and I will always make time for one another”

AM: “Oh, hello – so, you live here too? Hmmm, I don’t remember seeing you before”

See what I mean…the irony is all around us!  This week I am struck with a huge irony. Happy Birthday! Happy, my hind parts! Do you KNOW how old I am? Not nearly as old as I feel, but still.  I laugh at how I treat birthdays – no wonder people can’t figure me out, I don’t even know what I want! I always talk about how birthdays are no big deal, and I don’t even care…but I find myself thinking – well, maybe this is the year I am going to have a huge party with balloons and people and cake and, and, and….but outwardly, I’m all like – “oh, my birthday is this week? I completely forgot” I tend to tell everyone that my birthday is coming and then am all like, “Don’t you dare get me a present!” Now, I realize that some people will call my descriptor of “irony” as a loose way of saying “crazy”. Yup, I get it. Trust me, I know that I am all kinds of crazy…maybe that’s why I make such a great guest blogger!


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