Tales from a First Grade Field Trip

Today’s post comes from Tuckahoe State Park during Allie’s first grade field trip. Yes, I am blogging during the trip and YES I need a glass of wine so bad I would pay any amount of money! This has been a very eye opening trip. You know that kid in every class that hugs everyone and had to touch every kid…..those kids get on my last nerve. Guess what? That’s MY kid! She has driven me insane with the hugging an touching….
We have also had very interesting conversations on the bus. One little girl decided to talk about how she is black and we are not. When I tried to convince her that we are all shades of brown, she responds with, “we’ll, everyone but my dad, cuz he’s REALLY black!” Ok, just how do you respond to that! My favorite of the day though was when they brought out the snake and asked which of us wanted to touch it. I proceed to get as far away as possible. Allie asked if I was going to touch it and I responded with a resounding “No, I hate snakes” – to which she replies, “Oh my gosh! We DO have something in common!” Shocking!



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