End of an Era


Well my trusty followers, today marks a sad day in the life of this minivan mama……………

In Loving Memory
“The Minivan”

VanYou have served me well, given me plenty of carrying capacity, and encouraged my writing but, alas, our relationship had to come to an end.(sniff, sniff) This is terribly sad to say because my hand was finally forced. Your tires needed to be replaced, your brakes weren’t incredibly great, and you made some pretty crappy noises, but I have loved you all the same.

So, today, this minivan mama must keep the dream alive in…gasp….a sedan! I’m not sure how I will get through this next chapter in my life….ooohh it has Bluetooth…sorry, my dear friend, I got distracted.  I will need to work to keep the dream alive….oh my gosh – a sunroof!!  Again, sorry my love it won’t happen again. Today, I will preserve and make the decision to keep writing about the minivan dream……OH MY GOD – HEATED SEATS! Ok, I really am sorry but this car is amazing! You will be missed but as this part of my life finds me in unchartered territory, I must now keep Living the Minivan Dream(in a bad-ass sedan!) My husband used the term “bad-ass” and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I have never been considered, nor never feel like I will be “bad-ass”

If anything, this is just a reminder to us all that Living the Minivan Dream is about a state of mind, not a vehicle. It’s women(and fellas) who work tirelessly to make sure we are the best mothers, father, wives, husbands, career women/men we can be. Striving for perfection in every way but never quite getting there,  and luckily for you – you get to read about all of my follies and stumbles along the way.

R.I.P Minivan – You rocked!(no matter what those teenagers said!)


2 thoughts on “End of an Era

    • So, my new ride leaves me a little claustrophobic this morning….this beautiful little Ford Fusion with very little head room – but satellite radio to sing myself into submission! Happy Mom-ing!

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