Boston On My Mind

I have been stressed out lately because I haven’t had a chance to write for a while. I have found that I love writing and always feel better when I just spend a few minutes alone with my computer, but then I get busy and think that I have nothing to write about and get stressed out about NOT writing…the cycle is vicious, vicious I tell you. Today an awful thing happened. I knew that this was my catalyst to open the laptop tonight( or punch it out on my phone as I am doing so please don’t judge the typos). In Boston today, bombs were set off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I don’t know all of the details(sorry, Real Housewives had a new episode tonight, and I had to make a choice!) but any details are horrible.
It is unimaginable to me that now events such as the Boston Marathon could come under attack. The same could be said for the twin towers of 9/11-those places with no one to fear, no laws being passed,no controversy at all(well running a marathon seems very controversial, translated to crazy, to me..but you get the idea). When will it end? I know, that question gets asked too much anymore. But when can we all stop being afraid? I know, I know- I am asking redundant questions- I can’t help it, I’m introspecting here!
I sure wish I had the answers. The only comfort I have is that God has the answers. I can only pray that He can find his way through the madness and be with those who so desperately need Him tonight- the injured, the families of lost innocents, the responders who are tirelessly providing care and answers, and for those of us miles away who added one more fear to their list. We can always ask Why? How could He let this happen? I am reminded of something I heard once that went something like: we blame Him because we can not lose weight, yet we order another cheeseburger and we wonder why He hasn’t answered our prayers about money yet we go out and buy an unnecessary new purse. Please remember that He didn’t do this horrible act but He will be there during the healing and He will be there to teach those of us who believe some type of lesson from this tragedy. My heart and my soul go out to the injured and the families who are scared and hurting tonight. My prayers are with you all. So, while we may not understand the Whys, lets take care of the How’s. How can we help? Donations, time, love, and prayers- whatever you can do-do it! Let His love shine through us!


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