Stories I Have Heard….

I love when my daughter meets new adults because she turns momentarily shy. I always hear from them how quiet my little girl is….AS IF!!! One of the things that I love the most about my talkative little girl are the stories! They start in one direction and just keep going. I am actually typing while she is finishing her latest tale. We started with a question…”Mommy, can I have a piece of my Easter bunny chocolate for my bednight snack?” (Oh, and I love that she says Bednight instead of Bedtime). She has talked for about 15 minutes straight and is now asking if I can teach her square dancing….and somewhere in the middle there was something about a pink pen and a treasure box. Oh my gosh, now she is singing about a cherry tree(making it up as she goes along, of course)…I need to pay more attention! I’m really considering having her guest blog for me…that would probably get more readers than I ever have!!
I feel like I am always talking about her “bad” episodes and not praising her “good” things as much as I should…so I have made a pact with myself to try to expose some of her good traits to everyone as much as her crazy times! But just a warning, her bad moments are so much more funny! So, a list of her good qualities – she is willing to try anything, she is independent, she is strong, she is sooooo funny, she is beautiful, she is so smart, she has never met a stranger(but just a new BFF), she knows what she wants and she goes after it – never taking no for an answer. I wish that I were more like her is so many ways. And best of all, she can take any stressful situation and turn it into a comedy….Last week, we were on edge and just about to come to blows when I realized that we needed a new solution. So, I said to her, come on babe, I think we should pray. She wasn’t too sure what to do, so we sat down on the couch and I said something like, “God, help Allie and I see the other person’s side to this upsetting time, and please make sure Allie knows how much I love her no matter how she is behaving”(something like that). It was just what we needed, we were both able to calm down and move on to a better moment. So, a few days later, she is causing a fuss getting out of the car at her daycare. I clenched my teeth and said, “Allie, you need to calm down and get out of this car!” What does she respond with, but, “Mommy, I think we need to pray.” Of course we do baby, of course we do!


One thought on “Stories I Have Heard….

  1. she is such a sweetie, miss her and her funny ways, tell her I love her and that I will pray for her

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