Seems Simple Enough To Me…

I am so proud to see all of the support of Marriage Equality on Facebook and social media sites. Doesn’t it seem odd to anyone but me, that after all of these brilliant and brave people that have come before us, we are still fighting all of these individual equality issues? Marriage equality, gender equality, racial equality…Why can’t we just have “Equality” Equality? Seems simple enough to me! This was the biggest worry that I had as a first time mom(13 years ago!). How could I make sure that I was raising a tolerant child. I like to think that the generation of our kids is smarter than all generations before. I have always believed that racial injustice should have died with my generation. When my grandparents were growing up, segregation was very real and white people were taught that black people were not equal. My parent’s generation grew up during the civil rights movements and saw integration in all it’s glory. But my generation has never had to see, or live through, that fight. We have never known a world of segregation, so racial prejudice should be non existent, right? Well, we all know that it hasn’t quite died. And worse, it seems like the closer we get to equality in one realm, someone comes up with something else to throw their prejudices toward. Where will it end? Will it end? I don’t know for sure, but I have hope. No matter how you came to be a parent, you are still a parent and with that role you become a teacher, whether consciously or not. Please teach tolerance to your children, regardless of your circumstance in life. Inequality ends with each of us individually. I wish all of my gay friends, black friends, women friends, male friends, jewish friends, muslim friends, catholic friends, redneck friends, and everyone else in the world…equality! Let’s prove to our children that we are smarter than they think we are and end these battles with us! Let’s teach equality by example. Whose with me?


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