Fear the Minivan!

In the movie of my life, I want Tina Fey to play me! Now neither do I think that I am nearly as funny as Tina Fey nor do I believe that there will ever be a movie about me, but man she is funny! I’m one of those people who doesn’t do quiet very well. When I am working, I like music or the TV going in the background. Tonight I am sitting on the couch(first paying bills then scrolling down the ever frustrating Facebook) and I have Inside the Actors Studio on T.V. Yep, you guessed it…Tina Fey is the guest. Didn’t see that one coming did ya? She is that natural kind of funny that you just get swept away with it…not intimidated by it or offended by it…just funny, you know.
She makes a statement that was very riveting to me…and a little reminiscent of a previous blog of mine. She said that she was at the age where she is not afraid of things anymore…if she wants to do it, she just does it, what’s the worst that can happen. Well if you remember, a recent blog of mine was about how fear kind of rules things, especially for us minivan mamas,and keeps us from doing things that would be really cool. So, while my first thought is….”Holy Crap, Tina Fey reads Living the Minivan Dream!” Once my moment of dilusional fog lifted, and I realized that she does not read Living the Minivan Dream…yet!….I thought it was really cool that someone who is uber famous and internationally well known was afraid – just like us normal people(Just as I don’t believe there will be a movie made about me, nor do I believe that I am normal either – no, trust me, I get it!). But what was really enlightening was that asked at the end what was the one trait that turned her off, she responds with “Cowardice”. Hmmmmm….well, how does that fit in? How can you know that fear has kept you from doing things and then say that the number one turnoff is being a coward? Easy! It’s so easy to look back on life and see what you should have done! Just reading my previous blogs, I realize how much I have learned over the last year. I can look back on my life and see things that I did or thought or said and realize that I will NEVER do that again…so why can’t we look back on our lives and realize that those things we did or thought or said are not only not worth repeating but actually really stupid! Fear is one of those….looking back, it’s easy to see why you should not be afraid to try new things because you realize some of the really cool things you missed out on by being afraid to try them. I have the same feeling about the perm I rocked for so many years! It’s kind of exciting to think about what we will be looking back on in 10 years and wondering what the heck we were thinking?? So, keep watching for Living the Minivan Dream starring Tina Fey and try that one thing that you always wanted but were too afraid to try(Who knows, you may be reading Living the Minivan Dream book soon….yikes, I don’t know – that scares the heck of out me!)


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