Take Two

This post was meant for last week’s Thursday Tantrum but for some reason it disappeared from my WordPress site! So, I am going to give it another go… Although now I have an all new topic for my Thursday Tantrum, crazy WordPress!
My tantrum this week has to do with something that you all come in contact with every time you are enlightened by one of my blogs…my picture! I mean really people, how do you stand it! Every time you click that link and think you are ready to get some crazy words of wisdom, you are accosted by this huge head! Then you slowly scroll down to actually read the words and it is like a clown in a sick movie, slowly revealing the eyes, nose, mouth…oh no is there more!?!? That crazy picture came from a “photo shoot” at the winery when I asked Pam to take a bunch of pictures of me because I needed one for the winery’s website and didn’t like any that I had. Well, even after our shoot I didn’t like any that I had….you should see the outtakes! I’m not sure what it is about me, but I can’t take a good picture. As soon as the camera turns on me, I suddenly turn into a heroin addict looking cartoon character!
I’m thinking that I may have gotten my chance last week. We had a professional photographer come out to the winery to take some marketing shots and a few of our staff members wanted new photos of themselves as well. I told him to please just take some candid shots of me and no posed shots(you know why, the whole heroin addict thing). I have yet to see the new pictures, but am optimistic that I have at least one good picture out of an entire night of pictures! But if not, hopefully he will not show me all of the bad ones!
So, check out the site soon…hopefully there will be a new picture soon! Maybe I will advance to crack addict! Then it’s all uphill from there!


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