Come on Women now, Join Together

I’m going to go on a soap box, so I apologize in advance(not really but it is the polite thing to say).  Yesterday I had a little open house for my new venture, Celebrating Home(don’t know it? Shoot me an email, I will fill you in!). I needed a new venture because I refuse to clean my house in my free 20 minutes a week. My husband keeps telling me that I am crazy to take on one more thing – you would think that after telling me the same thing for 20 years he would realize that I get it, but for some reason he thinks he still needs to verbalize the crazy. (No, this isn’t the soap box part) So, back from my tangent – a friend of mine and I were talking late in the day(by talking I mean bitching and complaining about our husband(mine)/significant other(hers) about positivity.  She mentioned that her sister invited her to a Christian women’s retreat and she is going – how cool will it be to be completely surrounded by positive women all of the time, she said.  So, of course my crazy brain starts churning(migraine meds don’t help). I completely agreed with her….think about it for a second, a room full of positive women. We could rule the world! So, why don’t we? Because all we do is nag is what my husband’s response would be…but seriously now(I know that serious is rarely an emotion used in the reading of this blog) why aren’t more women positive and uplifting. Yes, there are some…and I need them in my life more often, but what is it that keeps most of us so negative? I’m sure you have heard it, maybe even said it….you know, when a group of women work together there is always back stabbing, drama, and more drama….and lo and behold someone says, usually a women too, “That’s what happens when a bunch of women work together”….and in case you are wondering, yes, I have said this myself.  So, I pondered this.  Why are most women so negative?  Don’t think for one minute that I am excluding myself from this, because girls I can be the queen sometimes.  I thought about myself. I know that I can be negative – not usually verbally, I understand that I shouldn’t be, so I try very hard to not be so outwardly negative(lots of times that results in an epic fail). So, why am I negative? Why are there times that I think – I should be happier, more positive. If I figured this out about myself, maybe I could figure it out for all womenkind – because everyone wants to be like me, right? Don’t answer….please.  Here’s my conclusion….drum roll…..I have no idea!  I think if I knew why I was negative, not as happy as I want to be, then maybe I wouldn’t be that way! I’m pretty sure that most of it comes from self esteem. As women, we are always comparing ourselves to others and when we feel that we come up short, we get really pissed off. Instead of finding ways to improve ourselves, because that’s just too scary, we figure out what about the other person is bad. And then point it out to anyone who will listen.  Oh my gosh…Maybe that’s it! FEAR! It is fear that keeps us negative. We are scared! Yep, that could really be it!  We are so afraid of change, of not being good enough(you’ve read about the Wonder Woman complex of which I suffer), of not being the best mother, sister, daughter, wife, employee, boss, patient, doctor, nurse, driver, shopper, saver…….that we are constantly living in a state of fear!  (if you could see me now, you would really laugh – I get this thought and start running with it – I have sat up straighter, shoulders back, one inch from the screen, all excited – you would think I just cured cancer!) Now that I have figured out what the problem is, I just need to figure out how to fix it!
I talked with my Sunday School class this Sunday about letting God take your worries because He is the only one who has the answers. He knows what tomorrow is going to be, all we can do is prepare as much as we can but the result is in His hands.  Hmmmm…..could I have been on to something.  I think so. How about you? How can we fix being afraid of everything?  Think about it, give it some thought..if you really think about it I think you will agree that fear is the problem….now what is your thought on the answer?


2 thoughts on “Come on Women now, Join Together

  1. I went last Sept here in Orlando to woman’s retreat called “Women of Joy”, it was great, 8 of from the church went and stayed at the hotel, it was the best thing ever I’m planning on going again this Sept. and our Sunday Shool class does a Women’s retreat in october and we are gone from Fri to Sunday and it is great, if you get a chance go, its fun and uplifting. Love ya, Mom hoffman

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