Today’s Thursday Tantrum comes from sadness. This week our community lost a young man to suicide.  Now I did not know this boy as an adult but remember him well as a baby and young boy. He was the cutest baby!! Not a year ago we attended the funeral for a young man whose life ended in the same way. My tantrum this week is one of a mom on despair.

We complain daily as adults about things that we think are important. What about these moms and dads have lost what is the most valuable of all? Their child. In times like this we want to know why, how, and what they were thinking. Not for morbid curiosity mind you, but to try to keep own children from the same fate.  When our children are taken from us in such a horrible way, parents blame ourselves. What could we do, what aren’t our kids telling us. All kinds of crazy stuff. So my tantrum tonight is not one of anger or frustration but of sadness and love. I pray, and will do so every day, that parents of these taken children will not ever blame themselves and will be able to get to a day when they can cope with their loss. Until then, I will cry withe you every time someone posts a picture on Facebook of that beautiful boy and hold my children closer at night.


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