Thursday Tantrum – Brag Page

Before I get started on my Thursday Tantrum I have to recognize a few things…

1. There was no Thursday Tantrum last week. So, for all of you that wait for my posts with baited breath, I must apologize. My tantrum could have been that Thursday just came too freaking fast…but that’s a tantrum for another day.
2. Yes, today is Valentine’s Day and No, there are no hearts and flowers in this blog. I mean, have you met me?!?!

So, this week’s Tantrum comes from an unexpected source.  I had a business meeting today with a good friend of mine, Stacey, and another great gal from her company Nikki, and we were chatting before, and after the business part.  One of the forms in the folder that Nikki gave me was the “Brag Page” about their company.  Well, I made the comment that I needed one of those for myself and one of the girls said “That’s sounds like a blog”!  So, as we talked a little more, I realized that Yes, this is a blog waiting to happen. This is right up Living the Minivan Dream’s alley.
We all do this, you know that you do, we brag about our kids like they are all kings and queens of the world but can’t remember one great thing about ourselves when asked.  I mean, who made these great kids if not great moms, right? Right! So, I have decided to put together a “Brag Page” for myself, not my kids. I challenge each of you to make your own. I just might even print mine out and hang it by my desk.  I deserve a little bragging every now and then(even if I never have the balls to say it out loud!) So, here goes……um….well…..shew, this is hard….ok, here I go…whew, do I DO anything! Alright…

1. I am a Sunday School teacher,and I have to say that my students love me.

2. I make a mean vegetable beef soup – I just don’t make it often.

3. I haven’t died at Zumba yet(yes, I’m still going!)

4. I haven’t quit Zumba yet

5. I just got a big account at work

6. I am a pretty decent writer(unless you are all lying to me, but if so, keep lying)

7. I always seem to make it all “happen”…you know what I mean, schedule is full and one more thing gets added, but I can usually make it work

8. I have overcome some extreme self esteem issues and am pretty happy with my progress

9. I am a nice person!

Oh, and one more………………..

10. I have the best looking and most intelligent kids on the planet! (ok, I couldn’t help it)


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