You can take the girl out of …….

My tantrum this Thursday comes from an unexpected source….my son! Or should I say is inspired by my son.  My daughter seems to take all of the heat for the tantrums in our life, but boy does my son give me some tantrums lately!
I am trying so hard to let him grow up and be independent, but man is he a knuckle head!  Organization is not his strong suit and I tend to find out that he needs something about 2 minutes before it’s due. He loves Boy Scouts, which I am happy about, and I figured that if I couldn’t let him try his hand at independence(aka no smothering by mom) this should be the group that I could handle.  NOPE!  I get there every week to pick him up and am immediately anxiety ridden. He needs money for this, a specific item for that….”oh and camping in two days, Mom” And don’t get me started on how he doesn’t write anything down! “What do you need to take to camp, Nathan?” “AHHHH, I don’t remember” ” Did you write it down” “OH, Ah, No” UUUUGGGGHHHHH
I mean, you cant take the girl out of control, but you can’t take the control out of the girl! And I am a control FREAK. Some may just say that I am a freak, but I’m okay with that too. I’m realizing now that there are some down sides to being in control too much.  I worry that my kids don’t know how to take care of themselves and it devastates me. The problem is that it’s okay.  If Nathan gets to camp without an extra pair of socks, it will keep me up at night, but he’s like – Oh well, and is fine. Maybe he will remember them next time.  Maybe.  (This IS a child that comes home from camp in the same clothes he left in, regardless of how many days the camping trip is) My new goal is to teach them how to be independent. As much as I love the independence of my children, I also need to know that they can take care of themselves or the control freak will rear her ugly head way too often. Any advice from other minivan mamas would be appreciated on teaching children to take care of themselves. Remember, I am new at this giving up control thing….baby steps.


One thought on “You can take the girl out of …….

  1. You do quite well, you have raised two beautiful children, you should have been around when Jamie was little, man did he ever have some tantrums

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