They’re just Kids after all….

This subject can be taboo for some moms, but luckily for you I have a big mouth and not a great filter!  Aren’t there plenty of times that you don’t think of your children as these cute little kids?  I mean, I was excited to be a mom – it’s the greatest job ever – but I was never a “baby” person. Boy, I couldn’t wait for these two to “grow up” – you know, talk and walk and communicate freely. (I guess karma really is a B**ch because now one won’t talk to us at all and the other doesn’t stop talking, but that’s beside the point.)  I see these moms who are so excited to have these sweet little kids and don’t ever want them to grow up…not me, I love an independent child who can tell me what they want and dress themselves, I have a hard enough time getting myself together in the mornings!
I love my walking, talking, free thinking kids!  My youngest just happens to be more independent than I bargained for, but I know that I will never have to worry about her getting what she needs out of life – she is going to just take it!
Now, onto the point of this whole ramble session.  Now you know that my daughter and I rarely see eye to eye and have had some “moments” in our relationship. I keep thinking that she’ll “grow out of it” but I’m afraid that I will grow old before that happens.  The other morning we are getting into the car and there is snow on the ground. Not a lot, but enough to excite a 6 year old. I’m knocking some of the accumulation off of the car and she innocently looks at me and asks, “Mommy, can I knock an “iceburg” off your car?” Well sure, knock yourself out, I replied. She kicked a little icicle off the bottom the minivan and was more excited than I have seen her in a long time. She was so tickled that she got to knock off an “iceburg”. At that moment, I was a little overcome with the sensation that behind all that terror and independence, she is just a little girl.  I could almost hear angels singing! She wanted to romp in the snow, throw snow balls, and giggle the morning away(there really isn’t anything like the sound of a little girl giggling – even I am affected by that one!) Now today she has a cold and is talking with her little nasally voice, telling me that her “froat” hurts when she swallows. Darn it, I’m a sucker for a sore “froat”, so I let her stay home from school today with me since I was off today.  I forget sometimes that even though I love my not too babyish kids, I still do love the kids that they are. I’m not really great with kids, I don’t even like most of them. But, I sure do love those moments when they can melt even the most “adult” of hearts.


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