Thursday Tantrum

So, I wanted to try my hand at a recurring blog. So, I had to think about what happens often in my life and I thought….AHA Tantrums! Sometimes mine, sometimes others, but why not devote a recurring series to tantrums? Lord knows I am an expert at them. Enter Thursday Tantrum. So, my first in the recurring series has to start with a beautiful tantrum thrown by my 6 year old, Allye. (Not Allie, as I spell it, buy Allye as she spells it – she even has her teacher spelling it that way now!) If you have had the pleasure of hearing any of my tantrums, many of them stem from something that Allye has done. She is a master! At times I am in awe of her powers. This particular tantrum is one of those awe inspiring moments that I have come to respect. You know, respect, as in cry and curse they day I decided to have children.
So, the handle had come off of Allye’s lunch tote one day. She brown bagged it for a few days before powerfully refusing to do it anymore. I had to get her a lunch bag and I had to get it now. So, I had run into the local Family Dollar store that night for soda and see a perfectly perfect lunch tote for her. Plain pink, neoprene, with a built in handle – oh, and only 6 bucks. Perfect. While I’m walking in the door, Allye greets me as usual and I happily pull out my wonderful purchase for her. She stops. She stares. She glares. “I hate it” She says…..”What?” I say….”it’s perfect” I continue. “Nope, I don’t like it. I wanted one with a design” She says. INSERT TANTRUM HERE. So, after I finally can’t take it anymore, I come up with what I think is a brilliant idea. So, I hand her markers and tell her to design it herself. I am giving permission to draw all over the lunch box and put whatever design she wants on the lunchbox. She eyes me skeptically but grabs the lunch box, markers, and heads to her bedroom. Quiet, finally! About 20 minutes later, she comes out of her bedroom and hands me her lunchbox. In all black letters she has written all over the lunch box, “I hate this lunch box….stupid lunchbox” On one side is a drawing of a little girl crying and the other is a drawing of two kids sitting at a lunch table with the heading of “Dumb lunchbox” The best part is that it is all spelled phonetically in her little six year old handwriting. Dumb is DUM. Stupid is Stuped. As angry as I was with her staring me down while I looked it over, I realized at that moment that this is one brilliant child. She didn’t want the lunchbox so she found a way to make sure that I would not make her use it! Brilliant! Scary, but brilliant! What 6 year old could come up with something like this!
Now, if she would just use her powers for good instead of evil…….


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