Holy Revelation Mamas!

Ok, so by now my revelations should not be that mind blowing, but guess what?!? Today, I had a BIG One!  As moms, we read(and read and read and read) about how to keep ourselves relevant when we are moms.  You know - if we aren't up on the trends and wearing fashionable clothing, going to the gym, making sure that we have hobbies, and keeping ourselves relevant then we have "let ourselves go".  WELL, what if we weren't up on the trends, wearing fashionable clothes, going to the gym and all that jazz BEFORE we were moms!  I have been exhausting myself trying to make sure that I am trendy and relevant in today's world, when guess what? I wasn't all that trendy before! You have no idea what  a relief this is. It may not seem to huge to anyone else, because I do realize that I am a little slow on the uptake sometimes. But no wonder it seems so hard to "keep up" with all of the new styles and trying to keep myself trendy - I am trying to be something I am not! And although these skinny jeans are comfy - they are comfy because they have lycra in them! (I am currently sans tall boots and lounging on the couch in my skinny jeans and hubby's sweatshirt with my hair in a ponytail!) Look whose trendy now!
So, minivan mamas, wear your skinny jeans if you will but be just as happy with your regular fit! Wear the cute boots, but don't feel bad if you put on your flats or, gasp, tennis shoes! Now all of you mamas who feel like you have the key to it all because you ARE trendy and fashionable - don't get your panties in a bunch(I'll bet you don't wear cotton briefs!) I'm not giving anyone permission to "let themselves go"(who really listens to me anyway) but I am giving permission to be yourself.  No judgement, by others our ourselves.  (Although I am really re-thinking capris!)


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