Confessions of aPioneer Pinterest Woman

So, I am sitting here pinning my heart away on Pinterest and finally just realized that I am a woman on the edge.  On the edge of ape shit crazy!  What is it about Pinterest that makes me think that I could be the next Pioneer Woman?  Now I love Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman( and follow her blogs and website faithfully but it is not a lifestyle I have chosen to embrace myself. Yet, I find myself pinning these crazy Do It Yourself soaps, detergents, etc. and are actually making them!  I just made laundry detergent, glycerin soap, and liquid hand soap!  I mean, really now! My husband is afraid to try to use anything because he knows that I only loosely follow directions and he is afraid that the soap is going to melt the skin off of his hands. Oh, and the recipes and make your desk crap! I don’t sew, I don’t cook, and a hammer in my hand could only lead to pain(probably my husbands!) yet I pin away just as excited as I can be about my next “project”.  I can’t wait to see what is next for my pretend To Do list!  You know what’s funny? I have never pinned one of the millions of weight loss programs I see on Pinterest. Even my ape shit crazy brain knows that those are things that I will REALLY never do!


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