Not so Hot Mama

Well, I did it! Dammit! I succumbed to the annual New Year’s resolution of losing weight. Now I didn’t actually say it was a resolution because I think that they are a bunch of B.S. anyway(why I am abbreviating when I have the mouth of a sailor, I’m not sure). But as everyone thinks about this time of year, I said to myself that it is time to get “healthy”, ie skinny.  I joined the Dorchester County YMCA, beautiful facility by the way with great classes, because my son signed up for a swimming program there.  Nathan is so sedentary and hooked to a video game screen that when he showed interest in any physical movement, I signed him up! They got me with the “no joining fee” in January deal.  It was the same price to get Nathan’s swim class AND a full family membership for the month as it was to get the class if I am not a member – so, sucker that I am signed up the whole family!
The Y has a really great Zumba instructor I hear, and I thought – shoot, I have been wanting to try that anyway, so I gave it a shot. My first attempt was Saturday. I got there for the 10:00am class that actually starts at 9:00am, so I missed that one! So, today was THE day. Zumba here I come. I dropped Allie off at school at 8:30am and made it just in time for the 9:00am class.  Luckily on Monday mornings at 9:00am, it wasn’t too big a class.  Now, this is where it gets sticky. I actually have to participate to get the effects of the work out! So, the music starts – the instructor is super nice, super cute, super perky – get where I am going here? She actually was really good, so I will have to apologize to her for cussing her in my head this morning – hey, I think I showed great restraint that I didn’t do it out loud. I think that Zumba was created so that middle aged, minivan driving mamas can feel sexy. Very latin, hip hop, dance stuff going on.   Well, I have never felt more UN-sexy in my life! There was stuff shaking on me that, well let’s just say the visual could not have been good!  Word of advice if you are thinking of taking Zumba – invest in a good sports bra and pee before it starts(I did not on either account, and trust me it wasn’t good).
I have to admit though that I really felt accomplished afterwards. I don’t know if I actually got out of it what I was supposed to, but I moved my behind harder than I have in years, so I had to get some benefits. And hey, I didn’t die – and going into it I thought that was a very real possibility! It was really kind of fun and the other Zumba-ers were really nice.  I do feel good enough that I refuse to eat one little bit of chocolate today because I don’t want to ruin all that hard work, so I guess it’s a good thing. I would love to say that I am hooked and will be going a couple of times every week, but you know me and commitment is not my strong suit. I will go back on Wednesday – they conveniently have a class that runs the same time as my son’s swimming class. Too bad he isn’t old enough to drive my crippled butt home after class! So, wish me luck! I’m off to stare at the Snickers bar and cry!


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