New Year and New Jeans

So, the whole blogging business started a year ago! Who would have thought that I could keep this up for a year(okay, no reminders needed that it has been quite a little while since my last blog!). Well first off, Happy 2013! My first blog last year came in the form of a Holiday newsletter, letting everyone know what had happened with our small Hoffman clan for the entire year. Well, since I have been keeping up(slightly) with the blogs, there isn’t much reason to recite all that’s gone on. There have been some great things, some crappy things, and a lot of in between things.  This year, the goal is to increase the great things, decrease the crappy things, and have a lot less in between things. Most importantly, the goal for 2013 is to try new things. Heck, I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans! Trust me, this is a VERY new thing! We want to travel more with our kids, get Nathan away from video games a little more(I may need some heavy back up on this one), get Allie on track, blog more regularly( I see this one becoming a little like”lose weight” – always said, but not ever attained!), and of course lose weight(couldn’t resist!). I would love some ideas on places and things to do(close, or driving distance and budget friendly!) Let me know what your family does to make memories!

From the Hoffman’s to your family. Happy 2013! May it be filled with faith, success, happiness, and great memories!


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