I Blame the Kids…..

So, minivan mamas, what is your passion? Take your family out of it for a moment, I know this will be tough. Do you even know what your passion is outside of hubby and kids? I know that I couldn’t tell you mine if my life depended on it!  We always hear…be true to your passion, find your passion, blah blah blah(thanks Oprah!) Does that mean that those of us who don’t wake up every day thinking about their “passion” are somehow not fulfilled? UH, hell no!(sorry, I was going to try to go a full blog without curse words, but that didn’t last!) I have a lot of “loves”….reading, work, shopping, writing….but is there one thing that I can’t do without? Nope.  Now I would love to say that I have passion coming out my wahoo, but well, that just isn’t so.  So as I started thinking about this,  a lot of questions came to mind. What would/should my passion be, why don’t I have one, have I ever had one? It’s hard to say…..but I blame my kids! I remember a time when I was so excited to go on trips, or hang out with friends, but now, not so much.  I love nothing more than just “hanging out”. My passions have been transferred to my children. I want them to do what they love. I want to help them find out what they love and help them pursue those things.  Isn’t it wonderful to see their faces light up with something. My son doesn’t “light up” very often…but just to see him do anything that makes him smile or laugh is the greatest feeling ever. And Allie, finds fun and excitement in everything…and I do mean everything. So, what I learned is that as a minivan mama you can’t take your hubby and kids out of the equation. Isn’t that the point of Living the Minivan Dream? So, I guess helping my kids find their passion is MY passion.  Problem solved!


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