The List

If you have not seen the movie…I Don’t Now How She Does It, with Sarah Jessica Parker, you should. Really cute movie.  (note of caution, I watched it with friends, and we all got talking about the head lice scene, the very next week my daughter came home from school with head lice – talk about life imitating art!) Well bugs be gone, one of the things that the movie focuses on is “the List”, you know the one – every night when you lay down to go to sleep, you have this list in your head of all of the things that you need to do, or do for someone else(insert husband’s name here). The movie was kind of validation for me because I sure do have this list that I go over every night in my head – so I realized that I wasn’t crazy, just a working mom.  But alas, my lists don’t stop there. I am a classic “lister”. I have To Do lists for my To Do lists.  I have come to realize that I have a serious neurosis when it comes to getting things done.  I haven’t quite gotten the hang of the electronic lists which should make my life a little easier, no, I write down everything that I can possibly think of that needs to get done.  I have about 4-5 lists running at any given moment. You would think that this means that I am important and have a lot to do(well, I like to think this anyway) but no, really this means that unless it is written down, I am screwed!  In other words I have the short term memory of a dementia patient, who had done drugs their entire life! I am going to have to start writing down to put my shoes on in the morning pretty soon. I am so concerned with forgetting something that I write it down….now here is where the problem lies. If I look at the wrong list, whoops! I don’t get it done! Any ideas on combining these to one list would sure be appreciated…..please HELP ME!

But as the minivan mom does all of the time, I had to analyze this(well overanalyze, stress, and freak out) obsession with lists. Why do I do it? Why do we all do it?(Don’t think that I haven’t seen you all pull out your little slips of notebook paper from your purse at the grocery store or school!  – I am not the only one with the crazy obsession) Well, aha, I think I have it! It goes back to that damn Superwoman problem that we all have.  We are the ones in control of everything. Got to get the kids to their activities, work done, house taken care of, birthday cards sent(well, I suck at this one!), doctors appontments made, you get where I am going.  But what I realized is that we are all setting ourselves up for failure.  If we put it on our lists, then it automatically becomes our responsibility, then if we forget it or don’t get a chance to do it because of the fifty million other things on our lists, then we are awful, forgetful, unorganized, women who can’t handle it.(and I wondered where my crappy self esteem came from – I am sabatoging myself, great!) So ladies, let’s give ourselves a break…..sure, write it down if you have do, because some things we just need to remember, but if you forget it….do what any self respecting person should do – blame someone else! No really, cut yourself a break, take a look at that list – if it has more than three things on it then guess what – you are busy and some things just won’t get done. Your kid won’t die if you miss an event, the teacher won’t hate you if you forget to make cupcakes(ok, maybe she’ll give you the evil eye, but face it – you shouldn’t have volunteered to make cupcakes anyway!), and life goes on.  Just keep plugging away at your list and try to make everything that you do get to check off an accomplishment. Yay, I did it!  But then really, move on because your list is really long – who has time for celebration!

By the way, Living the Minivan Dream is going all social media on your heiney! Yes, there is now a Facebook page.  Get your daily fix of funny little moments, celebrations, and pitfalls to keep you moving through the day, the minivan way. Check it out and hit “like” please. Put it on your list!


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