Mirror Mirror

I went to a friends Scentsy party today, which was pretty neat since I don’t her to see her too often anymore(you know…a.k…….After Kids) Well, everyone got to talking and somehow my precious minivans started getting a little slammed!  Someone mentioned that their husband wanted them to get a minivan and there were lots of “oh no’s”, “no ways”, and just pure craziness! Of course I had to defend the love of my life(oh, you thought that was my husband) the minivan. Well for all of you minivan haters out there, chew on this…..with a minivan there are 3 seats so I can have my 2 children on different seats…hence no arguments about touching, the DVD player because you know that all kids need more screen time, plenty of leg room the the tall kids(my 6 foot 12 year old that is), just enough room between the drivers seat and the second row that with the music up just right, I can forget they are even there, and of course there is that large back window for the stick figure family stickers in the back(oh who am I kidding, even I draw the line there!!)

So, now that I have defended my minivan with more spirit that most political debates….on to more Minivan dreaming.  This week has been a nutty one for this minivan mama. Crazy work stuff, I realized that my 6 year old must be completely bipolar(loves me one minute, yelling that she hates me the next), and getting back into the groove of homework, scouts, and activities.  BUT, there has been one shining light….I started back at the gym! Now if you remember one of my first blogs, you remember that working out is not really my thing.  But I finally got the point where I NEEDED it. I just feel better when I am exercising. But, there is one thing that I forgot about gyms after my LOOOOOONG hiatus – mirrors! I mean what the heck! Why does there have to be so many! There I am minding my own business, lifting weights(albeit little ones) and I look up at…..myself.  I literally stopped in mid lift.  I realized at that moment that I have not looked in a full length mirror in probably 10 years. I mean I have seen a few in fitting rooms, but I avoid buying new clothes like the plague so that has only been maybe once a year, and I always end up in tears anyway because of just normal fitting room depression. Needless to say, I was floored at what I saw.  I probably would have busted out crying, but there were two men behind me working out – they sounded like they were in the middle of a big orgy with all of the grunting and panting they were doing.  I mean, working out is one thing, but what is the point of having to go through all of that just to do a bench press!

Now this is where you are waiting for some profound minivan mama moment of self realization. Well, sorry folks, but the only thing I realized that day is that I am way out of shape! But one thing I did remember was that one of my first blogs was about taking back myself…working out, paying a little more attention to myself, and you know what…I hadn’t been doing it very well. So, I feel good about taking this time for me.  Surprise ladies, it does feel really good to do something for you and no one else.  On a side note, I left the gym today after defending my minivans at the Scentsy party and there in the parking lot were 4 minivans side by side, no other cars…..and I realized that I had been the only person under 50 in the gym! Oh well, I am still living the minivan dream….(or working on it anyway!)


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