Perfection Unattained….Again!

Minivan Mama = one woman with children who is determined to do it all….perfectly, but doesn’t quite hit the mark.  Well, this week there was more proof that I am indeed a Minivan Mama. That is, not perfect.  Well, I mean this week and every other week of my life, but onward to this week’s debacles! I was going to start a Daisy Girl Scout troop for the little girls in our town.  I was the Daisy Leader last year but when I mentioned that I would like to meet at a different time than the other divisions(Brownies and Juniors) because I can’t meet at 3pm in the afternoon during the work week(you know, like every other working mom), I was informed that I need to start my own troop and…..Good luck with that.  Well, I was determined to start this troop. (see previous blogs where I think that I can take on any task and will do it to the extreme) I was going to be the leader, cookie mom, do the greatest crafts, teach the best lessons, and well, then I remembered who I was and said well, screw that! I don’t do well with crafts, I don’t even like little kids all that much(well, except my own of course).  Then, when I was half an hour late to the first school activity of the year, Back to School night, I realized that I was kidding myself.  I really already knew that I wouldn’t be able to do what was needed to get this going, but, as Minivan Mamas everywhere do, I tried to convince myself that this would be no problem. So sorry Daisies, but this Minivan Mama just can’t do it this year.  Now, comes the profound part(I know that you have been waiting with baited breath), the world did not end because I am not the Daisy leader!! Can you believe it? I have decided to concentrate on church, family, and work and not add anything else to my plate right now.  It is already paying off! I have lesson plans for my Sunday School class all layed out for the next two months, my husband and I went to the gym together on my day off(and I didn’t have a major heart attack on the treadmill – goal accomplished!), and I haven’t forgotten to pack a lunch for the kids or sign their homework either night yet! I know girls, it is only the 2nd week of school…but let’s celebrate ALL accomplishments in our lives, we don’t do it nearly enough for ourselves.

So, the lesson here is that we don’t HAVE to do it all, all of the time……but then again, we wouldn’t be Minivan Mamas if we didn’t at least think we could! 🙂


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