This Mommy Works!

During a break from a training seminar today, I stumbled upon a copy of USA Today that made me stop and (gasp!) read the paper.  The cover story is what grabbed my attention….Pregnant CEO tests glass ceiling. Now the story is about the major news story of Marissa Mayer, the newly appointed CEO of Yahoo, who announced her pregnancy on the same day of her appointment. Now the controversy does not lie in this…NO, what has people up in arms is that she has stated that she will work through her maternity leave. Oh no! A working woman!  There are lots of opinions from both sides of the “mommy” camp on this one…she is abandoning her newborn before he/she is born, she will not be able to bond with her new child, she is setting a bad example for women everywhere who are in leadership positions because companies will start to expect this of all women….and the list goes on. One statement even went as far to say that she, along with other celebrities, are setting a bad example for us regular women who aren’t wealthy enough to hire “help” for their households and children. So, while this is the main theme of the article and controversy, this has nothing to do with this blog(don’t worry, I haven’t gone off the deep end, I will get to my point soon) What gets me is that the reason this woman is so wealthy is that she is a major player in the tech industry. She is the CEO of Yahoo for crap’s sake! She didn’t strip, or sell naked photos, or even sing off key….she worked her butt off! And furthermore…..she is only 37 YEARS OLD! Now, maybe 20 years ago I would have thought that at age 37, a woman should be at the pinnacle of her career and life(trust me, if I could smack my younger self, I would) but now, only a few months shy of 37 myself, I am in awe of this woman’s accomplishments. Very few woman in the world can attest to this kind of success, and the only way to get there is hard work and education.  I Googled her as soon as I got home(sorry Marrisa, I guess I should have used Yahoo…..)and am so impressed by a determined woman who got her education and worked hard to get where she is.  So I could care less what her parenting decisions are….I have a feeling that she is smart enough to figure out whether it is working for her or not and will adjust if necessary. What I hope that every woman, and parent, gets out of this is that whether you agree with her parenting decisions or not, this is the epitome of Living the Dream.  It is possible, with education and hard work, to be a leader in the world of business, finance, sales, or wine(hmmm!) There is no too young or too old to rule the world! So ladies, let’s hear a big loud “Cheers” as we bust the glass ceiling(with our wine glasses held high!)


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