Minivan Mama’s Guide to Life:Rule #1

Rule #1: Embrace the __________________ Dream!

Whether yours is a minivan dream of being a good parent, without all of the “perfect-ness” that we are told we should be,or if you want to live the dream of running a company, or a marathon(although that’s just crazy talk), embrace it. One of my favorite phrases lately is, “own it”. It may not seem like much, but no matter what the dream is, own it. Everyone is entitled to their own dreams and goals. What gets me is that, as women, we all are the first to say that we should never judge others, but we are also the first ones to hide our dreams and goals because we don’t want to be judged. Well, that’s just stupid! What is your dream? Fill in the blank. You can have multiple dreams. You can have different dreams for different times of your life. But, whatever it is….embrace it! There are a lot of steps to achieving your dream….dream it, envision it, work towards it, fail, re-work your angle towards it, then celebrate it. But you will never be able to celebrate it, if you didn’t dream it first. What’s your dream? Did you ever see Pretty Woman? There is one line in the whole movie that sticks to me and it wasn’t said by Julia Roberts or Richard Gere. It was said by the homeless man on the street, when he was walking down the street saying “Welcome to Hollywood, where everybody’s got a dream. What’s your dream?” Everytime I say, or write, that statement, I always hear his voice. So stop right now,and think what is my dream. I think that when you really stop and think about that question, it is a lot harder than you realize. Then once you figure out what your dream is, tell someone! Embrace it! Write it down. Embrace It! Figure out what the next step is to obtaining it. Embrace it! There is no dream that is too big, too little, or too silly. Own it, love it, and Embrace it!


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