Ok all you minivan mamas out there, who else misses being referred to as a WOMAN?!? No, No, I don’t think that anyone out there mistakes us for a man, but how many times do we get to feel girly(without the guilt!)  We are moms, wives, daughters, co-workers, bosses, employees, but hardly ever women.  Well, I for one am getting a little sick of it! I would never want to be a teenager again(and I mean NEVER!) but the one thing that I do miss is that we got to think about ourselves and it wasn’t wrong, hell it was what was expected of us.  We wanted to look good, feel good, have fun, and it was okay.  Take my husband for example(take him please!, sorry bad joke, but I just couldn’t help it, ha ha) Now, I love this man and I know that he loves me. But, I tell him that I really need to lose some weight because I just feel awful anymore. And he says that I shouldn’t worry about it, because I don’t need to impress anyone else but him, and he loves me.  Now, I understand his reasoning….but really, am I not supposed to look good because I’m married! Then, my son sees me drinking a beer, and says “Mom! You’re drinking a BEER?!?! But you’re a MOM!” Well, sorry Nathan, but moms like a drink occasionally too! So, this all got me thinking – when did we have to stop being women. I mean we are for god’s sake, there is no denying it. But why are we made to feel guilty for wanting to enjoy looking good, feeling good, and having fun.  It’s kind of like the whole stay at home mom, career mom debate through the years. Who is the better mom? Well, I know the answer to that one. BOTH! So why can’t a woman, who is married and has children, enjoy dressing nicely, being in the best shape she can, AND have a beer when it is called for(and as a mother we all know that it is called for).  Now, I hope you aren’t waiting for me to stop shaving, burn my bra, and start singing, I am a woman hear my roar! Well, stop waiting, I love a razor and these girls have had to have some support…hello, two kids here! But, the song I am Woman Hear Me Roar is running through my head right now. So tomorrow, I am buying new mascara(OK, so that doesn’t seem like a big step, but really it is!) and I am going to set up a work out schedule. Because Jamie I love you, only you, and hope that you will be my husband for a lifetime, but these muffin tops have got to go! Minivan Mamas are Women too!


2 thoughts on “I am WOMAN

  1. It’s tough being a woman today. We are expected to do it all, but you are right – you have to love yourself first. So go get yourself some of that new mascara and set up a work out schedule, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! And yes, find someone to work out with or join a class, that way you have somebody to answer to. Good luck. You deserve it! Check out my post called “Two Piece Torture”. I know it is supposed to be funny, but in all seriousness, the link attached has some really great workout videos. http://thefurfiles.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/two-piece-torture/

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