Screw the Minivan Dream!

Yes, that’s right, you heard me. Screw the Minivan Dream! Ok, so not really, or what the hell am I blogging about, anyway! But I really got thinking earlier about what actually IS the minivan dream anyway? Well, when I first thought about it, I thought that the minivan dream was all about motherhood and balancing life, career, and parenting.  Well, guess what….I was wrong! After much soul searching I have realized that the minivan dream is whatever we want it to be. You may drive a minivan, or a 2 seat Mini Cooper(of which I am very jealous-I love those things), whatever your dream is, THAT is your minivan dream. My dream is different than yours.  Your dream is different than mine, but minivan dreams they are…and the goal is to LIVE those minivan dreams. You may have 5 kids or 0 kids, work full time or are a stay at home mom, love sports or not love sports, drink wine or….well, that’s silly, if you don’t drink wine then you’re just crazy! But think about what your ideal life is….are you a mom, CEO, singer, girl scout leader, couch potato…or all of the above. Make sure that whatever you do, do it with all of your heart and soul.  You may be driving the kids to school, but aren’t kids the most precious cargo in the world….do it with all of your heart. You may be heading a board meeting, you are representing women everywhere….do it with all your heart.  You may be watching Duck Dynasty(I can’t help it, I love that show!)…..own it, you deserve to relax and have a good time…do it with all your heart. So look at your life, if you aren’t where you want to be, that’s okay, start thinking now about how you want to get there. Don’t give up, don’t let “life get in the way”. If you want something, there is no reason you shouldn’t want it, have it, get it! THAT is your Minivan Dream….no matter what you drive!


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