Marketing 101

I was just watching a clip of an Oprah show(I swear I do watch other television shows!) while she was talking with Bishop TD Jakes. He said something that hit me like a ton of bricks.It wasn’t his message or even the point of his discussion, but as he was talking about someone’s parenting, he said that it is hard to be a parent with the way parenting is “marketed to us”.  I was lying on the couch and literally sat straight up.  The way that parenting is “marketed to us”!! Of course! Think about it ladies(and gentlemen of course) – we, as parents, are being marketed to all of the time. To be perfect parents(okay, sorry guys, I really am talking to the women here)….To be perfect moms, we need to enroll our kids in everything; soccer, ballet, karate, drama, girl scouts, boy scouts, t-ball all while being a scout leader, sunday school teacher, PTA president, class mom whose kids only get straight A’s wearing only certain brand clothes while you throw the coolest, most creative birthday parties and send the best snack to class. The worst part is that this list is only the half of it! We see images of moms in minivan commercials doing everything just right, breakfast commercials where the moms are perfectly dressed with makeup on fixing their kids a perfectly well rounded breakfast. I don’t understand – my kids are in girl scouts, boy scouts, have been in t-ball, soccer, karate(although thank God that Nathan is not very competitive and didn’t keep up the sports end!) and I have been a scout leader, Sunday school teacher, and class mom BUT my kids are still eating pop tarts as I scream at them to get in the car. Allie is wearing….what is Allie wearing?? I am trying to get Nathan to say more than 2 words to me on the way to school and then I stop and get a Reese’s cup(ok 2 Reese’s cups) for my breakfast on the way to work.  Where are my perfectly dressed children eating their wholesome breakfast? Why am I barely dressed, hair not done…and makeup, what the hell is that?!? I thought I had done everything that a perfect parent was supposed to and yet, nothing went as the commercials say. What I do have though, are healthy children(even though they live on Poptarts and chicken nuggets), a husband who came and worked his butt off for us at work for two days, a son who knows what he enjoys and still gets great grades, and a wonderful self assured daughter who could care less if her clothes match – she is comfortable and isn’t that all that matters!  So, while I get the same marketing shoved at me about what parents are supposed to be, I have two great reminders of what I really am. Blessed!


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