A Blog by Any Other Name

Did you notice? I changed the name of my wit filled blog! It is now #livingtheminivandream.  I found a notepad today that said Living the Minivan Dream and I had to buy it! I mean, how perfect does that describe me! Yes, i am only 35 years old, and have only two kids, have never been a soccer mom type…yet, still,  I rock the minivan! I keep thinking that I am going to give it up for a small car soon, but as soon as I start thinking that way, I start feeling all cramped up. I mean what would I do with all my stuff(aka crap) if I had a small car. And what if I suddenly had to transport the entire Baltimore Ravens team to practice one day….or in the case of my reality – all of my husband’s drunk friends home at the end of a Saturday night. I remember when I bought my first minivan(yes, I have had more than one) and someone I worked with said, “Oh, I thought you only had 1 child” to which my response was, “yes, and he is only 1 year old, but how cool is this!” Needless to day, “cool” was not how she described it.  My first real fear with the minivan came when my son starting getting that pre-teen angst. You know the kind. Sullen, uninterested, thinks you are the dumbest person on the planet…yes, moms, we have all been there(or will be).  I started worrying that if I was still driving a minivan, then I wouldn’t be thought of as a “cool mom”. Shortly thereafter, my son told me that I was never the “cool mom” to begin with, it was all in my head.  But I was so sure! So, I will continue to #rockthevan until the thing just stops running.  It has a huge ding on the side where I hit one of the concrete things that keep you from hitting the gas pumps(let’s just say…good idea!) and a carpet inside so dirty that cleaning it would be an episode of Dirty jobs, but I love my big, silver, NOT COOL minivan! (even if my son jumps out before I have come to a complete stop at school!)


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