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This weekend I have been really thinking about my kids a lot and, more to the point, “what it means to be a mom”. When I started blogging, I knew for sure that I did not want to do a “mommy blog” While I don’t think I am a terrible mom, I often joke that I am not a “natural born mom”. There are some women out there, and you know you are are(and if you don’t, I sure do and talk about you behind your back!) who are what I call “natural born moms”. My own mom is one of these elusive creatures.  Detailed, organized, crafty, patient, the list goes on and on. You need a craft for scouts, school, church, etc….you don’t need Google, just ask my mom. She has some amazing rolodex in her brain for every holiday, religion, season,whatever you need. Now, me on the other hand, NOT your “natural born mom”. I work pretty damn hard at keeping my head above water and am always just shy of my kids hating me(and this is being optimistic on my part, I am sure that there are many days that they already hate me-I mean I AM the mother of a pre-teen!) But, anyway, on to the blog….This weekend Nathan is away with his scout troop on a skiing(snowboard) trip – without me or Jamie. Jamie has worked this weekend, so it has just been me and Allie. This child who I usually classify just above devil spawn has been the sweetest, kindest child this weekend. We have played, shopped, and because she has been so good – went to the movies yesterday afternoon. It has been very nice spending some one on one time with her. She is so fun! Nathan is all independent….he called me once to get information for his rental equipment form and hung up without even answering one of my questions or saying good bye. He was too busy with “the guys”.  So, this child who has always needed me, doesn’t quite so much anymore. That stings a little. 

So, yesterday on the way home from, where else, Walmart. We were coming down old Rt 13 in Seaford and a kid was walking down the road….stopped….and broke out in a little break dance move! It was hilarious! He was all alone, so not doing it to impress his friends – he didn’t even look out onto the street to see if anyone was watching him.  He looked about 15 years old, didn’t look like a weird dirtball kind of kid, and just broke out dancing without looking for attention.  I wondered if I have ever been so secure in my life, or so taken over my a moment that I had to dance in public all by myself and not care who’s watching? Well, if you have ever read my blog before I am sure that you know that answer is a resounding NO! Now it may be too late for me, but that is what I want for my kids. I want them to be so sure of themselves that they can just break out dancing, singing, laughing…whatever, whenever they feel the need.

Later that day, Allie and I went to see The Lorax….who doesn’t love them some Dr. Suess?!?! On the way out of the theater, a little girl fainted. At that moment, we didn’t know that she had fainted, only that she lost consciousness.  At first, it was just myself with Allie and the girls mother and her.  I calmly asked Allie to stand by the fence, got 911 on the phone, and tried to assess the girl as best as my limited knowledge allowed. Her mom, of course, was very distraught.  Luckily, within a minute the little girl came to and we realized that she had fainted.  According to mom, she has a long list of medical problems so this was very scary for her.  During my phone call to 911, and after while waiting for the ambulance, what went from myself and the girls mother quickly became an army of mom! About 5 other mothers who were already in their cars with their own children, or standing inside the theater rushed out to help this other mom in need.  No one had any formal medical training, but had the one training that outdoes them all……trained mom! We all comforted the little girl and her mom for the brief time until the ambulance arrived, offered coats, kind words, comfort the best we could. When I heard the sirens, Allie and I walked out to the parking lot to direct the ambulance back to where the little girl was lying.  I considered going back “to the scene” to make sure that everyone got in ok, but realized that I didn’t need to. Allie was getting cold, had to be scared about what just happened, and wanted her own mom at that point, so we headed to the car.  I didn’t need to be there, if there was one thing I was sure of it was that this little girl and her mom were in good hands.  I may not be a “natural born mom” but who really knows what that is anyway.  When it comes right down to it, moms take care of our own – that means our children or fellow moms. So be proud of being a mom! We can do anything!


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