Movin On

Well this marks a big week for us…we moved! For the past 9ish months we have been living with my parents while Jamie was away at school – and then came home, and now…..we are on our own again! I was so excited to be moving on but kind of sad too(ok, not too sad…I mean I was a thirty five year old married mom living with her parents, let’s be a little real here!)But really, not many of us get the chance to be adults with a family and then take a break from the responsibility for a while. My dad took over dealing with the mechanics when my car broke down, my mom made dinner every night and did the laundrey, and I had very few bills to speak of….now do you understand why I was a little sad to move out….again? Now reality is settling back in….laundrey, dinner, dishes, bills – I’m not sure why we are all in such a hurry to grow up and move on! But don’t tell my kids I said that! So tonight, I was going through the last few remaining totes to be emptied(or put in the attic to be dealt with later) and came across the one tote of old photos that I hadn’t really dealt with before. Wow, I used to be thin. I used to have long hair. I used to dress a lot better. But what I also saw, was that I used to not have children, not have a husband that I love, not have an awesome job, and not have great meaningful friends! Now, I would love to be one of those people who doesn’t look back, but let’s face it, I am a woman so I am always comparing myself to what I used to be….or better yet, what I could be. I would love to be thinner, love to have long hair again, love to dress better….and maybe one day I will.  But for now, I am just movin on with the current me, the slightly overweight, hair in a constant state of growing out, and frumpy dressing me. 


2 thoughts on “Movin On

  1. Jennifer…I swear you are writing my life! And….you have my dream job! I am fascinated by wineries. I want my own vineyard!!! AND….like myself…you have a wonderful husband. Jamie has always been one of the kindest men I know! Robbie is my best friend! We are VERY lucky women!

  2. Love your article, Glad to hear you have a place again. Tell the kids I miss them and I wish they were closer, I really miss seeing them. Love ya Mom Hoffman

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