Children of the Corn

Ok, so I nearly fell off the wagon! I was doing so well with my new blogging thing and then “poof” you don’t hear from me for a while….yep, that was me getting back into my regular rythym.  Start something, then just kind of stop…well that is the old me(wait, does that mean that I am now the young me….YAY!) As you have seen on my last blogs, this is all about me trying to be a better person, and taking so long to get this new blog out is proof that I still have a long way to go, but eventually I will get there. So stick with me people! I can’t promise to be routine, but what comes out when I get to it will hopefully make you smile a little(and it is okay to laugh AT me and not WITH me!)

So, tonight I go to see a brand new baby, Jake. What a stinkin cutie he is. Just three days old. His mommy is a first time mommy and very attentive, as I think we all were with new babies. Poor little guy started crying and I didn’t even realize it! It was this tiny little meowing sound. I was very relieved that this baby was not in my house because if there isn’t blood, then I have determined that it is not real crying, and I will ignore it until it goes away.  But, anyway, I am looking at this beautiful baby boy and remembering when my two were beautiful little babies and a sudden thought hit me….When did my children turn into aliens? I mean, I can remember them being peaceful and sweet and quiet(ahhh the quiet) but now they don’t resemble either of these adjectives in the least.  And it happened so fast! Just last month, my son was just a slob of a young boy, now he will only wear a certain brand clothes(big shout out to Kohl’s for having some Helix brand shirts on the clearance rack, can I get a woop woop!) and thinks that I am the absolute dumbest person on the planet. Now my 6 year old has always thought that I am the dumbest person on the planet, so that is not new, but where did the diva in training come from?! Any thoughts, any one? No, that is not a rhetorical question! I am not sure if I am going to survive the teen years…pre-teen is giving me heart palpitations.  I like to think that their “real” selves are just lying dormant for a while, and I just have to give it some time….but that is just what I tell myself to get through to my next drink! But in the words of all moms everywhere, I found out this week that no matter what crazy stuff they get into, I will love those little green, antenna head monsters for the rest of my life.  You mess with my kids, mom is coming at you with light sabers blazing!

So, talk with you next time…..and by the way, Mr. Hysterectomy…give your mama a big ol’ hug! Because I am sure that you were an alien at one time too, but your mama is really, really going to miss having you around!(yes, inside joke) Love ya, Pam!


2 thoughts on “Children of the Corn

  1. You know darn well where that “diva” came from!!!!! Mirror…. mirror…. anyone take a peek!! LOL! And dont get started on name brand clothes…not that I minded since I got the second wear of them 🙂

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