What?!?! It’s a new year?

In my PJ’s, watching a rerun of the Oprah show finale, all by myself, at 11:54pm on New Year’s Eve. Yep, that’s how I roll! I refuse to write a cliche blog about what I am going to do in 2012, or what my resolutions are going to be. Because to be completely honest…I have no flippin’ clue what my resolutions would be if I had any. Now, please don’t take this to mean that I don’t feel like I need to improve on something, there are actually so many things that I need to work on that my list of resolutions would be as long as Santa’s naughty list! I have just realized that if I give myself a resolution, it is almost giving myself permission to not do something, I mean who really keeps their New Year’s resolutions anyway!

 Oh, wow, the ball just dropped!  And just like that we have a brand new year ahead of us to do new , great things. I want to finish that blasted scarf. I want to finish the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I want to color my hair(I’m really pissed off that I now have gray hair), I am going to start a new skin care routine(whoever invented magnifying mirrors should be shot!), I am going to enroll in at least one college course, I am going to encourage my kids to do what they love, I am going to tell my husband that I love him everyday(I really do!), I am going to start date night with my hubby, I am going to start having girls nights with my friends…..wow, I am going to do a lot! But the best thing I am going to do is…..Love every minute! I hope that people will see me as an example on how to live your best life(yep, that line was from Oprah) Now, none of these are resolutions. These are just things that I have decided to do with my life.

My challenge to all of you is to think about one thing that you have always wanted to do…..and DO IT! Let’s hold each other accountable for doing the things that make us happy. Let’s help one another keep these darn resolutions(I mean NON resolutions) I hope that you all have a great 2012! Take it one day at a time, smile every day, take a risk no matter how scary, and in the words of Oprah(I really have to watch a different show before I blog!) Live your best life! We only get one you know.

Happy New Year! 


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